Yippidie Doo Day

Well Janet and Judy and I are going TO THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW!   Yippie!  This is a healing trip.  Something fun for the three of us to do after a rough and tumble spring and summer. Back in May, when the shit was going down all over the place, I vowed that the three of us would do something FUN once everything settled down.  I had secretly hoped I could score tickets to Oprah but wasn’t sure I could swing it.  Well, I did.   Luckily we do some business with the show and had licensed quite a few songs to the show recently (thank you GLEE).   So I asked and I received.  Score.

I guess I should backtrack a little.  I was GOING to ask and figured mid November would be the best time considering Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc so I told both Janet and Judy to clear their schedule for the week of Nov 15th and that I had a surprise.   He he.  They had NO clue!  So I just left it at that.  Clear your schedule and I have a surprise.

SO, once I scored the tickets and got the date I made the calls.  First Judy.  She was having a rough day and was glad to hear from me.  I dropped the O bomb and of course she was thrilled.  Didn’t think I was serious, then once it sunk in she got choked up.  I felt so good to be able to give her some pleasure and excitement!    Next was Janet, who happened to be vacationing in Maui (a vacation that I forced her to take I might ad).  She was also surprised and I was happy!

SO, once they were on board then I booked everything.  Flights, car and hotel.   Chicago here we come!  There will be photos (but not at the Oprah show…).   Stay tuned.

Fox this morning when I got to work.

Morning at Fox

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