Chicago & Oprah

OK well I did A LOT this past week.   Let’s start with Oprah why don’t we.  As I mentioned here, Judy, Janet and I went to Chicago to see The Oprah Winfrey Show.   We left at the crack of dawn on Weds and met in the O’Hare airport.   Hit the ground running and went to Lou Malnati’s Pizza, then walked and walked. That night, Oprah treated us to a screening of Rabbit Holewith Nicole Kidman.   It was brutal and we all had headaches from the sobbing.   

The next morning we went toXoco for breakfast then went back to the  Hotel Palomar and got ready!   The show was good except we didn’t get to sit together!  Total bummer.  PS – I wore the orange jacket…

That night we went to Charlie Trotter’s for dinner.  The food was just ok (except for the soup) and the desserts were TERRIBLE!  I mean, really bad.  Leaving a terrible taste in your mouth.  For that price you’d think they’d have a great dessert.   Hmmm.  Disappointing.  The next morning we got up at the crack of dawn AGAIN and walked in the freezing cold to the lake before heading off to the airport.

The whole town was awesome.  Loved Chicago.   Here are the pictures.

Lou Malnatis Pizza

Lou Malnatis Pizza
Harpo Studios, The Oprah Winfrey Show!
Cloud Gate, Millennium Park

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