Weddings and Cupcake Camp LA

Immediately after returning from Chicago I had to attend a wedding then prep for Cupcake Camp LA! 

Elaine & Chris got married at Casa Del Mar on Friday night.   The wedding was beautiful.  The place was beautiful and they even had a Korean ceremony too.   The string quartet played rock songs and the tables were band/artists.  I sat at the Cher table but saw Prince, Beatles, Stones, etc.  Really cute idea.

Stones Table

Saturday it was time for Cupcake Camp LA at the Music Box Theater.   Wow.  It was awesome.  There were SO many talented professional and amature bakers represented.  I was awestruck and intimidated!   My Organic Vegan Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Scharffen Berger Chocolate Ganache got off to a slow start.  They looked home made, which is my style, but people have a hard time with “vegan”.  So I cut some up and gave out samples.  Once people tasted them they loved them.  I even got a shout out from the event organizer Babette from!  

Cupcake Camp LA @ Music Box


Cupcake Camp LA @ Music Box

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