Carmel Is Sweet

I decided to go to Carmel this past weekend to visit with Mary and Vera. Mary goes to visit her Mom every year during the holidays. I am always invited but never seem to make it. I always have work and am hesitant to take time off, especially since I always go back East to visit the fam during the holidays. Anyhow, I decided to take Monday off and go for the weekend. I am glad I did. It was great visiting with Mary and seeing Vera again and getting to know Martha. They are just really nice people and it was nice to get out of town. Of course it rained the entire time but you know, it didnt really matter. I would have loved to do a little hiking but it worked out – we did some baking instead!

The highlights:

  • Driving in the rain along the ocean with a plastic garbage bag over my camera. Martha would stop and I’d jump out, take some photos and jump back in the car. Fun!
  • Getting my own pair of crazy socks from Vera. Apparently all the girls have them! I am now officially part of the family and I have a photo to prove it.
  • Visiting “Mom’s Tree” which is Vera’s Moms (and Mary’s grandmother’s) favorite tree. Big hugs to the tree.
  • Cupcakes at Layers
  • Nanaiamo Bars and Mac N Cheese
  • Choosing which wine I would drink at night.  The choices were dizzying…   :o)

Carmel, CA

Carmel, CA

Mom's Tree, Carmel

Layers Cupcake

Sock sisters

Wine  or Lifestyle?

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