A week and a half ago I decided to book two trips.  I went to see Mary in Carmel and now I am at my Sisters house in Virginia.  I needed some support, friends and family.  I’m glad I decided to go on these trips.   Flying is so easy now (yes, in spite of the NTSA), it’s normally just money that keeps me from flying.  Well this year I did not hesitate for one second.  I flew a lot this year.  I just did not care how much it all cost.  And I spent a lot of money on airline tickets…   Thank you Virgin America.

Anyhoo, Christmas at the Gordon’s is always fun.  Judy has a big Christmas eve party every year and her friends and neighbors are like family to me.  So it was nice to be here.   Christmas morning was good too.  Tim, Judy, Jack and Meagan and me.   Not the same without Mom and Dad and def not as dramatic as the past few years but it was nice.  We went to Arlington afterward to see Mom and Dad.  Very sad but it was beautiful.  Someone had put wreaths on each grave marker.    Then a nice nap, A Christmas Story marathon and dinner soon.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Crazy House with Lights

Nearby “crazy light house” – they even have synchronized music broadcast on their own radio station!

Upside Down Christmas Tree
Upside down tree on the ceiling

The Christmas Tree


Judy’s nutcracker collection




Mom & Dad

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