Copy, right?

I have been in the copyright business for 20 years.   I’ve made my living off of intellectual property.   It keeps me employed.  No, I’m not a musician (believe me, I don’t make any money off of my drum playing)  but I am a good paper pusher.   I’ve see a lot of changes in the business since I started.    When I started, the music business was healthy.   Now it’s not.  I know a lot of people who have lost their jobs, their careers, in the music business – and a lot of artists, and music creators who stuggle to make ends meet.   The music business did not get a bailout like the auto and banking industries.  And it’s still in decline.   Too bad because I think our music, art, television and movies –  our culture –  is our biggest export.  But yet people still steal.  I don’t blame them.  They don’t understand copyright.   If it’s on the internet, it’s free, right?   Um, no.  

The next time you download free music, use it on your blog, put it in a video on the internet, rip a dvd, steal cable, use downloaded photos and artwork – think about it.   It is not legal to steal things.   If in doubt, it’s probably wrong.   Yes, you can purchase music on cd or itunes and put it on your ipod.   Beyond that, not really.

You might think Beyonce doesnt need the money but you know what there are 100’s of people behind the artist who all have jobs to keep the machine running.  

Yeah, bla bla bla.  I just need to rant.   I just don’t want to see any more people lose their jobs or thier livelyhood.  I mentor kids who all want to be in the music business and I think…really?   Are there any jobs?  Why would I encouage a group of smart, young kids to veer into a shrinking industry?

Here’s a picture of Didi in her stroller to soften the blow.

Didi Koo Koo Eyeeez

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