ASCAP Board Elections 2011

I’ve been working in music publishing for 20 years and in film and TV for 18 of it. Yes, that is a long time. I’ve loved almost every second of it. :O) Music publishing for film and TV is a very specialized area and it takes someone who loves detail and minutiae to do it. I love the details.

So, I’m running for ASCAP Board of Directors. It would be an honor to serve on the board and I think I bring a certain level of expertise to the board the does not exist. No one on the board or who is even running for the board, has my experience in film and television. Film & TV makes up the majority of performance royalties for ASCAP. As many of the current board of directors have been focused on growing their business and making catalog acquisitions over the years, I have been in the trenches, working. Fox has a huge film & TV catalog that touches every part of the business (motion pictures, network series, cable series, cable news, cable and broadcast sports, web series, mobile series, mow’s, local news, international film and telelvision productions, etc, etc) and it’s a lot to take care of. ASCAP needs to streamline everything and use data and systems to their advantage. I would love to participate in that process.

If you are a music publisher, vote for me.

Cathy Merenda BIO

Cathy Merenda ASCAP Board letter

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