Jack Is 60

My bro in law Jack turned 60 today.  He’s the first person I know, aside from a relative, to turn 60.   60 seemed so old before but it doesn’t anymore.  Seems like  if you take care of yourself 60 doesn’t have to be “old”.  I mean, Jack walks the course when he plays golf and he is still putting up 1,000,000 lights on the house at Christmas.  I can only hope I’m in good shape when I get to be 60.  Fingers crossed!

So Judy decided to put on a party for this momentous occasion.   I thought she should have a proper roast, since Jack would be SO easy to make fun of!  I mean really, he’s an easy target.  She was thinking about it but I think logistically it wouldn’t work.  But I decided to go anyway.  I wanted to go for a visit for a FUN occasion, not the stressful situation we’ve gone through this past year.  I went a Christmas but that’s different.  So I cashed in some miles and hopped on a United flight to IAD!

Judy and Sue picked me up at the airport 30 seconds after I walked out the door.  Talk about timing!   We went straight to Costco for some serious shopping.  Then off to the beer store where I found out that Sue is a pseudo beer expert!  Who knew?   Then off to the ABC store.  You see, in VA they control their liquor so all booze is sold at a booze only store run by the state.   Just like a regular liquor store but no Slim Jims or cigs at the counter while checking out.   The rest of the day was spent chopping, chopping, chopping.   Judy cooked Indian food.   I’ve never seen anyone cook Indian food before.  So it was fun.  The whole house smelled like curry, along with our clothes and our hair!

The party itself was fun.  There were more people in Judy’s house than I’d ever seen.   Someone even drank too much an passed out…in my bed.   Hmm, well at least there was no ahem, barfing involved. The topper was Judy’s “idea” of pouring lemon extract into a pool carved into the cake. The cake itself was totally awesome. She made a tye dye cake! Like rainbow but cooler. I made the frosting. NINE pounds of buttercream. Hey, it was a big cake! Anyway, back to the lemon extract. The cake had a “60” carved into the top and the lemon extract was poured in and lit on fire. Well I think she poured too much because we almost burned the house down!

The finale was the next morning, Sunday – Judy and I went to the Korean massage place.  I was beat up by a Korean brute but it felt so good.  I couldn’t believe how much I needed it!   I still think they should put massage chairs on airplanes.  I mean, no one would move then entire flight!

Tie Dye Cake Layers
Naked Tie Dye Cake
Pyro Judy
Birthday Cake
Tie Dye Cake Innards
Psychedelic Centerpiece
Black Light Posters
Young Sue

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