Bike Bike Bo Fike

Banana Fanna Fo Fike, Bike!   I’m getting a bike.  I can’t wait.  My goal, and I’ll say it out loud, is to do the AIDS Ride next year.  I wanted to do it this year but I got busy with my projects.   You know how it goes.

I had to finish my book, Sweet Things.  Then I had a wedding and all of the post processing for that.  Now I’m pretty much done with all of that.  Kind of.  I want to add video to my book and do an enhanced version and I still have a little more to do on the wedding stuff but I’m over most of the work.

I the meantime, I’m all obsessed about bicycles.   Right now I have two choices.   One is a Trek Atwood.  It’s eco friendly and uses recycled rubber for it’s white tires.   I have yet to ride it though.  Hopefully tomorrow.

Over the weekend I got a bug up my ass and decided I had to try riding a Public Bike.  So I booked a ticked, raced to the airport and got on a flight to SF.  Crazy and crazed.  I don’t know why I did it and was regretting it as soon as I booked it but I really felt the need to do.  So I did.

Public Bikes are very cool.  They come is fun colors and are made in San Francisco.  I test rode two versions the M8 and the M3 and loved every second of it.

Public Bikes


Now the decision.  I’ll keep you posted.  ;o)

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