Abdias + Yadira

I finally finished the Abdias + Yadira wedding project.  And what a project it was!   I think I mentioned before that I was going to photograph another wedding.  Abdias + Yadira are a sweet young couple that got married at their church in Arleta.   They and their parents are very much involved in the Igelsias Bautista church in Arleta.    There hadn’t been a wedding in that church for a couple of years.   I was very nervous about the whole thing.  This was my first indoor wedding plus it was a dark church lit by flourescent lights and it was all in Spanish.  I don’t speak Spanish!   But really I got the gist.  I understand a few words, esperanza, corazon, amor and iglesias – which were all used a lot in the ceremony.   I even cried during part of it!   Hold it together Cathy – you have to keep taking pictures!   Jeez.   Anyhow, next week I will deliver the book I created on Blurb.com, the dvd I created myself with Lightroom, Premiere and Encore but had a custom dvd cover printed at MpixPro (which came out awesome btw) and a usb drive that I had custom made at Flashbay.    It was a lot of work but I learned a lot which is always my goal.

Pre Wedding Tent




Wedding Prep

Wedding Prep

Getting Ready

Off to the church

Wedding Rings


Candle Lighting

Just Married

Cake Topper  :o)

Abdias y Yadira

Abdias + Yadira

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