I Wish I Knew More

Yeah I have a camera and a fancy computer and big ole monitor and stuff and I take pictures but I wish I knew more.   Color settings?  I have no idea.  I got an X-Rite Eye-One Diplay LT monitor calibration tool and calibrated my monitor.   I then edited a ton a photos.   It reminded me to do it again a few weeks later.  So I calibrated my monitor.   The photos all looked different.  So I did it again – calibrated my monitor.   I have no idea.

OK then I exported my photos from Lightroom for some various projects on the Molina wedding.   I created a book, a DVD slideshow with custom cover and gave them a USB with hi res images.   I also uploaded a few photos to Flicker.   Well as soon as the photos went on Flicker they looked like crap.  Completely different.  So I exported using a RGB profile and they looked “normal” – or at least the same as on my monitor.

I wish I knew more.

ProPhoto setting Flickr image
wedding-600 proPhoto

RGB setting Flickr image
wedding-600 rgb

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