Nags Head

Well I’m working late and am finally getting the time to talk about my trip (a report is running so that’s why I’m not actually “working” at this moment).   Anyhoo, I went to Nags Head, North Carolina for a week.  Stayed in The Beach House.  Finally.

My parents bought this house in the 80’s and spent many many weekends in it over the past 25 years or so.   The rest of my family too.  Alas, I had never been there.   So finally it was time.

I cannot believe I’d never been!  It was so nice there.  We saw beaches that were uninhabited as far as the eye could see!     It looked like Hawaii.

David, Kim & Katy came up from their home in Stella, NC – a pretty quick 3 hour drive for them.  It was great seeing them and hanging with Katy and her friend Mallory.   Oh to be 14 again….not!

Meagan was there with hew bo CJ.  It was fun hanging with them even tho Meagan did no wear sunscreen on day 1 and got burned!   I, of course, was constantly spraying myself with 70+.   I did not get burned but my freckles poped.  It did not however stop the mosquitos from eating me alive.  Eeh gads!

I kayaked with Judy, to a chopper ride with Katy & Mallory, rode a bike a lot, went to the local aquarium, an art show, bought myself a pretty ring, makde cake pops for Meagan’s pre bday, climbed a sand mountain, saw dolphins, a snake and turtles, got up to see the sunrise, watched the moonrise and sunset, swam in the Atlantic, ate, drank, slept and read.   What a nice vacay!  I really must do it again.

On the “drank” front, Judy and I invented a yummy drink called a Peach Schnieder.   Peach cider, vodka and peach schnapps.  I think we added sparkling water too.  Not sure.  It was yummy and really refreshing!

Road to Nags Head

Beach House!


Dave Fishing

Cape Hatteras Beach

Cape Hatteras Beach

Katy & Mallory


Cathy, Katy, David, Mallory & Kim

Chopper View


CJ & Meagan

Jack & Judy


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