Birthday Mirthday

Yup, it was my birthday.  I had a good one this year – mostly.  

First, Didi had to go to the vet.  Partially for her annual checkup but in the past month she got tons of scabby bumps all over her body.  She also has Feline Herpes (which she probably got as a kitten) and a weird granuloma on her leg that are both recurring.  So everything hit her at once.   So since she’s “red tagged” at the vet she took a kitty valium before she went in.   We’ll it hit her hard and was so sad to see her all drugged up trying to walk around.   She was put under anesthesia at the vet for her exam.  Dr. Kent at Westside Hospital for Cats has been her vet and Smitty’s vet for her whole life.  Love them over there.   Turns out she’s got allergies, a yeast infection in her ears, granuloma on her leg and back.  Her back now has a shaved out square over her shoulder blades. Poor baby!  That was thursday and today she is just now back to her witty, funny self.   She’s even tolerating me give her medicine.    My poor Didi!

Friday night I went to Comedy Sportz and saw Chickspear while eating Mozza to Go.   It was awesome and funny and interesting and wonderful.   Totally improved Shakespearean theater in the round.   I laughed so hard!


I got a beautiful green milk glass cake stand from Bountiful in Venice as a gift.   So pretty!  I also got a heavy duty camera rig so I can shoot my videos for the enhanced edition of Sweet Things!  Can’t wait to try it!   

 Meg had a party on Saturday and she got me a cake from Sweet Lady Jane – which was so wonderful.   I also brought my drum set – which I haven’t set up in like, two years!   It was great watching Alison and Meg jam out on the drums too!

Finally, I got a new desk chair!   On Ebay!  But it’s new!  A Herman Miller Time-Life chair.  I love it and am sitting on it right now!

Yay for birthdays!

Shaved Didi

Bountiful Cake Stand

Herman Miller Time Life Chair

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