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Greg & Stef’s Wedding

I was honored that Greg asked if I could “snap some pics” at his wedding to Stefi.   Of course I said, “of course”!   I’ve been saying over and over that I’ve been super busy lately – but I made time for this.   Luckily I had a tiny window in my work that would allow for a […]

Charlie’s Angels?

OK, so Marissa looks very much like Annie Ilonzeh, one of the actresses in the new Charlie’s Angels TV series. Emily pointed it out when we were driving down the street one day. I think Emily looks very similar to Minka Kelly so I thought…we should recreate that picture! We just needed a blonde to […]


Oh man have I been busy.  Seems like months, days, weeks, hours and minutes.  Busy busy, work, busy.   Hopefully it will start to wane after mid-November.  What the…. Mid November?!   Jeez.   It’s cool though.  I am not complaining,  I am just stating a fact.   I like being busy and I like my job so it’s […]


A few months back I downloaded my first MacBook app from the App Store.  I didn’t even know I could do that but one day I found a new icon on my dock that said “App Store” and lo and behold I could now buy more software for my computer!   Very convenient. I don’t know […]


I was honored to be invited to the Long Beach Searches for the Greatest Storyteller in the 562.   It was a story telling competition.   Each person had 5 minutes to get up in front of the audience and tell a story.  Any story.    At this event there were 8 storytellers.  All of […]