First Christmas

This will be Marley’s first Christmas!   I took some snaps of Marley in utero (he he) and then when she was a newborn.  She is so adorable and is just now pulling herself up to stand!    Kat says she was a little fussy today.  I guess she was napping and hadn’t really woken up yet when I barged in and stucka camera in her face.   To me, she was adorable and a really good girl.  But Mom knows her best and said she’s MUCH happier than what I witnessed today.

To be honest, I wish I had done a better job.   Why did I get so close!   Jeez, havent I learned anything??   I’m so happy with myself when I do good work and it’s so sad when I screw up.    Today was not my best work.   My excuses are:  1) babies are hard  2) small rooms are hard  3) imperfect lighting is hard.   That said I could have done much better.  Much!

Family Portrait



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