Beach Relief

It’s so nice to live in California.   We do have seasons.  They’re just milder.   Like leaves on the all of the trees are all colorful now and will eventually fall off.   Plus it’s a bit chilly and we get to wear jackets.   It gets down to the 40’s at night and was 65 today!  

Today we had our department lunch down at the beach at Back on The Beach in Santa Monica.   I think this is the 3rd year.   Fun.  Plus we do a white elephant and everyone brings a gift.   The budget was $8.61 so I got 4 bottles of $1.99 wine.  Hey, that’s a pretty good gift!   I got a Snuggie.   I think it was left over from last year.  Maybe I’ll save it for next year.  He he.

Afterwards some of us went on a walk on the beach and did some JUMP shots.  So fun!

Such a nice relief after so many months of really hard work.  I am so happy to have the next week and a half off.  I need it.  

Come On and Jump

Everyone Jump

Let's Dance

Mother of Anarchy

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