Ahhh, so nice to have a week and half off to just chillllllllll.    I took a day off from work just to be at home and chill.  So nice.  The next day I took a Virgin America flight to Dulles to visit the fam.   Love Virgin America.   The plane isnt huge, the seats are white, the mood lighting is purple and there are TVs in every seat.   Love it!   On top of it there’s a really funny animated video you watch before you take off to show you how to buckle your seatbelt and stuff like that.   Why can’t every airline be like Virgin America??

I spent the first afternoon/evening watching Miss Meagan make chocolate covered pretzels for the Christmas eve party.   Girl’s got some talent!   It’s fun to see her in the kitchen.  I see a lot of potential there.  Lord knows her mom (my sister) is incredible in the kitchen.   Apple doesnt fall far from the tree…

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks


Like Mother Like Daughter

The next day I took the Metro into DC to see Karin.   She moved out there a few months ago and now lives in a very cool part of town a block or so from the Nationals Stadium.  

Capital View



We had a nice time catching up while she showed me all her favorite places.   Over to Barracks Row to have lunch at Ted’s Bulletin.  Aesome.

Ted's Bulletin Veggie Burger

DC Sky

We moved on to freeze our asses of and see all of the stalls filled with meat (ugh) at the Eastern Market.  Then I bought an Obama snowglobe at Union Station (fun).   Later on we had rezzies at a truly wonderful restaurant called Founding Farmers.    Founding Farmers is a LEED green restaurant with farm to table food and drink.   I absolutely loved it.  The menu was pretty meat heavy, which is pretty normal anywhere east of West Hollywood.  But, how awesome that there is a VEGAN menu!  Alas I was not super hungry (bad idea) so I had a Farmers Salad with side of green beans and mashed potatoes.   OMG so goooooood!!!!

Eastern Market

Washington DC

We finished out DC tour that night in the H Street Corridor at Smith Commons.  A 3 story bar/restaurant with a huge picture window on the 2nd floor.  So cool.

Smith Commons
The next day was the big Christmas Eve party at the Gordon’s.  They’ve been having this party for over 20 years now.  We do a crazy gift exchange and also play “Left Right Center” with dollar bills.  It was pretty roudy this year and super fun.  

Plus it’s so nice to see everyone every year.  All the kids are now adults and in a few years we’ll have their babies at the party.   Unbelievable!

2012 will be good.

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