Annual Trip

Still recovering from my annual trip to Cannes, France and London.   So happy I did not get sick this time (like last year) but I was definitely on the edge of getting something.

The trip started out on a bad note when while standing in line for security at LAX, I realized I forgot my winter coat!   This is not a good thing as Europe in January is not like So Cal in January.   I figured I’d just purchase a coat, any coat, at Heathrow during my 3 hour layover.   Heathrow airport is kind of like a shopping mall where airplanes park.   An expensive shopping mall.

On the way to Heathrow my second issue came up.   My favorite watch broke!   I have a WeWood maple watch and I absolutely love it.  It’s made of 100% wood and the company plants trees for every watch they sell.  I just broke one of the wooden links.   It could be fixed but I couldn’t fix it myself on the airplane so I added a watch to the things to get at Heathrow!

Arrive Heathrow – tired.   It’s like 2 in the afternoon London time but the middle of the night in Los Angeles.   Bleary eyed.   Harrod’s has a shop in Heathrow.   There’s 3 coats that will fit me.   A big puffy black coat with faux fur trim.  It’s nice and warm but my butt looks huge in it – it’s kind of creepy.   Second coat is a 60’s mod black and white number that is sweet but not really “me”.  Third coat is a Ralph Lauren navy blue cotton trench coat.  It fits and looks good on me but expensive.   Fuck it.  Sold.   I bought a coat.  Had to go to London to get an American designer coat but that’s the breaks.

Got a nice white Guess watch and was on my way to eat at Wagamama.   Love this place and you must go eat there when you’re in London.  They’re all over the place (and I think there are some in Boston now).

Anyhoo, Cannes was the same as usual except it poured rain the entire time.   There was one moment of sun which I just happened to catch but otherwise it was cold and very rainy.   There was also snow on my last day.   Ugh.  Glad I had my trench coat!

I could not wait to get to London.   I just love London and they have great food.  It’s a vegetarian friendly place that’s easy to navigate and shop!

The Soho Hotel was awesome as ever.  I went to a football match and froze my ass off (Fulham vs West Ham).  Also got to visit Abbey Road Studios.   That was definitely the highlight of the trip.  Walking the halls where the Beatles and so many others have been was awesome.   Good trip overall but really glad to be home.

Cannes View
Cannes  Macaron

London from the Air

Soho Hotel London
Soho Hotel Room 102

Michael Jackson Statue at Fulham
Michael Jackson @ Fulham Football Club

Fulham vs West Ham

EMI Roof
Pink Floyd - The Division Bell @ EMI

Abbey Road!
Abbey Road!

Abbey Road Studio 1



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