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I’ve been a renter for my entire adult life.  Never took the step to actually purchase a house.  Got very close a few times but just could not pull the trigger.   Not that I don’t want to.  Owning a home is the one thing I don’t have in my life that I really really want.  But alas when I was shopping for a house so was everyone else and the prices skyrocketed (aka the housing bubble).  Now they are relaxing but still not great here on the Westside of Los Angeles.   Now all those people who outbid me for the homes I wanted are foreclosing and getting bailouts and re-fis and I am still a renter.  You know, losing your home is not the worst thing that can happen to a person.  One can always rent.  I know because that’s what I do!   Still, being a homeowner still eludes me.

Anyhoo, I digress.   I’ve been cooking on a shitty cheap stove for many, many years.  It worked but the oven was 50-75 degrees off and seemingly had no insulation.  Everytime I baked the kitchen would get really hot.  Great in the winter, not so good in the middle of August.

So, I got myself a new fridge and stove!  Before it was delivered I decided to fix up the kitchen a little.  Well it turned into a huge “thing”.   I lived without a fridge and stove for 3 months….  Ugh.

Three layers of old floor was torn up and it was discovered that there was hardwood!   It was pretty damaged so the plan of laying new linoleum tile went ahead.   One wall was gutted and repaired.  The cabinets were sanded and ever single thing in the kitchen/dining was painted.

Friday they finally delivered by GE Cafe range and fridge.   Love it!    I spent the entire day on Friday putting the kitchen back together.   Back aching work.   I mean really.

Mary came to visit on Saturday, in a pouring down drenching rain.   So, to test the oven we baked a cake!    I love love love it.   Still have a few tweaks but it is pretty much back to normal and now I will be a baking foo.   He he.

mmm, Cake

Didi pondering the old kitchen.

Didi Squat

Mary “ballooning”
Balloon Mary

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