I wanted to get the new Lytro camera as soon as it was announced in October of last year. You could change your focus point after the picture is taken! Inside the camera or outside using the Lytro software. Very cool and I wanted it. So I ordered the 8Mb graphite mode.

So I order it.

After much anticipation, I got the camera last week.   I immediately took it out and started shooting.   The camera itself was odd.  It’s like a metallic log with square edges.   There’s a zoom on top where you just move your finger across and it zooms in and out.   That part is really nice.

The part that isnt as good is the screen is like 2 inches if that.  You had to have the screen directly in line with your eye or you couldnt really see.   Outside in bright light was worse.  So that means you had to hold the camera up in an awkward manner to take the photo.   It’s not shaped like a “regular” camera so there’s no eyepiece.

The best photos were if there was something in the foreground and something in the background.  Then you could change the focus point and get the cool effect.  Other than that type of photo, I don’t see the use in the real world.

So I pretty much used the camera one day.  Took like 10 photos and lost interest.  This is not like me!   It’s a new cool toy, right?   Um, yeah but I like my Canon 5D Mkii better.  And can’t wait for the Mkiii which will ship next week!

Here’s the best photo of the bunch.  You can refocus by clicking on either the muffin, the coffee or the hand.   Cool?


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