I’ve been living with apartment appliances for my entire adult life.    Everything worked but they were definitely the standard inexpensive versions of refrigeration and cooking appliances.   I had a microwave for a while but gave it up.   I was always worried about radiation, changing the molecules of my food and my insides getting cooked.   Crazy?   I don’t know.   The awful thing is that I sold the microwave to an acquaintance and he got testicular cancer shortly after getting my microwave.   Nuff said.

Most of my everyday baking was done in a toaster oven.   I used my big oven for baking but it was hard in the summer because it had almost no insulation and the kitchen would heat up about 15 degrees.  Not good when its 90 degrees outside….

On top of all of this I decided to get a microwave.   I know, I know after all the radiation issues I wanted to have one for special occasions.   Like frozen dinners, reheating leftovers, etc.   I have it now and love it but do use it sparingly.

So I still live in an apartment and the kitchen is old (1929) and small.   But the ceilings are really high and the cupboards go all the way to the ceiling.  I do not understand when they don’t go all the way and there’s that space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling where junk and dirt and dust seems to accumulate.

Anyhoo, so with the new microwave new appliances, owned by me, were in the cards.   But before the appliances could arrive the floor had to be replaced.   Well with a new floor, the walls had to be painted!   With the new fresh walls, the cabinets needed sanded and freshened.   With freshly painted cabinets, they needed new glass knobs.   The floor and the walls looked so good the baseboards were ripped out and replaced.   The window frame looked so bad it had to be sanded and repaired.  With new stove in place the wall needed to be tiled.  With everything looking so cool the lighting fixture need to be replaced.

The work took like 2 months and the kitchen was a mess.  Everything was a mess and I’m still finding little spots of dust.

The appliances are all in and working and wonderful.   Still waiting on a small base cabinet to put between the stove and fridge but it’s all pretty much done.  I love the new tile, and it goes all the way to the ceiling.   I love the the old ice box turned into a toaster oven/micrwave nook.   So nice.  That thing used to have a door on it and held cleaning products and junk.  Now it’s useable space!

The floor is pretty, the fridge has a water dispenser and the range is awesome!

Kitchen Appliances!

Linoleum floor from Linoleum City
Cabinet Coat paint
standard 2 x 6 Daltile
GE side by side refrigerator
GE Cafe range
GE microwave
Breville toaster oven
Glass knob pulls from House of Antique Hardware

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