Storytelling is definitely an art.  Not everyone can do it.  Well, let me take that back.  Most people can tell a story but only a few can do it well.   Last year I shot two storytelling competitions both at the Long Beach Playhouse,  a semi-final and a the finals of the Long Beach Searches for the Greatest Storyteller in the 562.   It’s really fun.   The contestants get 5 minutes to tell their story.  I can be about anything and be fact or fiction.  Doesn’t matter.   The good ones are engaging and evoke some type of emotion be it sadness, embarrassment or just simply happiness.

I just shot the 2012 Spring round of competition and I loved every single story.   It’s amazing what you can convey in 5 minutes.


Bill Gann

Mariana Williams

Chris Turner

Robbin Forter

Tom Kane

Ben Peters

Mariana with the story board

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