Didi Lee Capucine Merenda 2/22/2004 – 6/28/2012

Didi died this morning.   In her sleep.  I was asleep.   Actually, I woke up to a moan/groan noise.  I knew it was Didi so my alert went up.  I straightened my leg and felt wetness on my foot.  Immediately I thought she might have thrown up on the bed.   She’s done that a couple of times over her life.  So I turned on the light and jumped out of bed.  It was 4:40 and something was wrong.  Didi was limp, unresponsive and the wetness was urine.   OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG.  I was shaking.

We put her in the travel bag and she was limp.   Rushing to the emergency hospital we called ahead.  Didi was unconscious.  We went through lights and passed the Emergency hospital and had to turn around and go back.  I ran in with the bag and they took her.  Two minutes later they came out and said she was not breathing and had no heartbeat but they would keep trying to resuscitate her.  I knew it was over.

We waited in a private room and minutes later the vet came in and said she was sorry but Didi was gone.   There was nothing they could do.   Considering the symptoms and the fluid in her lungs she thought it was congestive heart failure.   It’s a disease that can come on suddenly in cats with no warning.


She was the most unique, smartest, funniest, sweetest and protective cat I’ve ever know.   She came from he North Valley Shelter as a 7 week old stray.  I knew the minute I saw her that she was the “one”.  She was not vocal at all but was very communicative and expressive in other ways.   She was her own cat and no one told her what to do.  She died peacefully at the foot of my bed at my feet.  I love my little Didi bird.

Didi Lee Capucine Merenda, Didi, Deeds, Didi McFreedy, Murphy Brown, Brownstein, Bird Bath, Little Bear

Baby Didi

Attack Didi

Dirty Didi

Sink Lounger


Chair climber

Happy Holidays from Didi

Didi Swirl Tail

Didi Sweetie

Kittypod Didi

Didi Triptych

3 Responses to “Heartbroken”

  1. […] The passing of my beloved and wonderful Didi had a big impact on me. I really missed her and have been pretty depressed since she died. She just went too soon and I was totally unprepared. In the weeks that have passed I have not slept well – keep waking up at 4:45am. The house was dirty because I just didn’t give a shit. I’d go to work early because, well I was up and why not? There was nothing keeping me here in the morning. […]

  2. Carolina Ossandon says:

    You and Dave were in my thoughts last night. I was lucky enough to know Didi and she was so happy and loved showing it. She was lucky to have had you both as her parents.

    Lots of love and huge hug to both of you.

  3. Judy ODonohue says:

    I can’t stop thinking about you and Didi and Dave. We were at your house not long after Didi came to live with you. She was the cutest little ball of fur. I wanted to take her home with me. I know she gave you great great love and joy. All my love to you my sister.

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