Fast Company Recommender!

In April I went to Boston for the Rethink Music Conference.   It was great.  The conference was smallish but effective.  When I got back I was contacted by Fast Company magazine to see if I would participate in their The Recommender column.   Um, yeah of course!   I can recommend stuff!   Plus it’s a great magazine.   It has lots of interesting bits of information layed out in an easy to read and digestable way.   Hip like Wired but without the pretense and hard to read infographics.  Fast Company is a business magazine.

So I put together a few things I like.  No surprise to anyone that knows me but good solid recommendations for anyone who doesn’t.   Then I forgot about it.  

Cut to this week and I get an email from an associate.  “Great mention in Fast Company!”.   What?   I totally forgot!   How cool.   Here’s what I said.  Here is is on their website.

1) We-Wood Watches.  I luuuurrrvee my We-Wood maple watch.  It’s beautiful and eco friendly.  They plant a tree for every watch you buy.   I’ve purchased a few and would not hesitate to buy a few more.   The great thing is the wood gets this lovely patina after a while from the oils on your skin.  

2) Public Bikes.   Love love love my bike!  I have a bright orange M8.  Eight speeds, internal hub, fenders, basket.  It stands out in a crowd and rides like a dream. 

3) The Pierces.   This didnt make it in the magazine.  Too bad because I cannot stop listening to The Pierces!   Two awesome chicks from Georgia that sing like birds.  Definitely a throwback duo.  I listen to “You’ll Be Mine”  over and over and over and over.  Love The Pierces.

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