Best of 2012

I’ve had a few days off after my traveling and running around with Katy.  I decided months ago that I would take this week off and just recover.   I’m traveling again in a few weeks so I know I need this rest.   I’ve been sleeping to 9:30 & 10am!   Crazy.

Anyhoo, I was processing photos and decided to put together some of my favorite pictures of the year.   Kind of a year in a review.   I looked for software or a plugin that would easily make a nice photo collage or mosaic (like Posterino) but I couldn’t find one that I liked.  So I did this myself in Photoshop.   The use of the grid really helped.  I masked each photo to fit in the sector and tried to group photos of like kind (food, kids, etc).

It was nice to reflect back on the photos and projects of the year.   Lots of kid pictures!  There are still a lot of photos I took that I like but I had to narrow them down somehow.    Some of these I chose for the quality of the photo but some I chose for the memory the photo evokes.   I have Elle growing up, newborn Ivy, Janet’s kids, Kat’s night shoot, preggy shots, my poor Didi who left us this year and my new babies Coco and Popo who are lighting up my life.   My muse Marissa and my newest muse, Katy.   Burlesque beauties and beautiful people.   Lots happened in 2012.  I can only hope 2013 is a good one.   Onward!

2012 Favorites

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