Another successful trip to Cannes and London.  This time it was a bit funner because Janet got to go.   It was great watching her experience the flight, the locations and the experience.   First flight was great.  I don’t normally fly British Airways as it’s hugely expensive but Mick Fleetwood and Brad Pitt were on our flight so I can see the difference!

The weather in Cannes was perfect.  I couldn’t have asked for better.   The experience in Cannes was typical except the conference, MIDEM was definitely quieter.   Each year, as the music business goes in the toilet, there are less people.  Of course I still had the same meetings but it was noticeably quieter.   I did play a little hooky and took Janet up to St. Paul de Vence and Monte Carlo.  We also made the extra 30 minute trip into Italy and stopped at the first town we saw, Ventimiglia and had some hot chocolate.  We made it back in time for our meeting.  Whew!

The food in France is not my favorite.  Not really a good place for a vegetarian!   Breakfast is always good.  Can’t go wrong with croissants, yogurt and coffee.  It’s just the rest of the meals.   Thank god for Italian food.  Pizza at Le Vesuvio and La Pizza then a couple of meals at the Italian restaurant La Libera was a life saver!

London of course is the best.   I saw Paul Rudd and Jason Statham at our hotel, The Soho.  Not too shabby.   The food in London is great too.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You cannot go wrong.  Dinner at Oxo Tower was amazing as was pizza at Princi!  Oxo Tower even sends a form with the reservation to find out diet restrictions or “enhancements”.  Crazy!

It was also great walking around and showing London off to Janet.  She was in heaven taking photos and I was having a blast. Of course Janet was using her fancy camera. I vowed that I would be the guide and make sure we were at the right place and the right time safe and sound. I only had my iPhone but these pics came out pretty good for a phone cam. Until next time!

Photos below and more here.

BA First Class
BA First Class window

St Paul de Vence
St Paul de Vence

Monte Carlo Casino
Monte Carlo casino

Cheese in Italy
Ventimiglia Italy deli

Janet in Old Town Cannes
Janet in old town Cannes

Thinking of my Bro & Sis in Covent Garden
Punch & Judy

Janet living her dream at the Globe Theater, London
Janet at Globe Theater

London Eye is so cool
London Eye

Stables Market in Camden Town
Camden Stables Market

Camden Lock
Camden Lock

Camden Town Starbucks
Starbucks Camden Town

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