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BlueBerry Breakfast Bars

MMMMMM.   Blueberries are IN SEASON.   There were some beautiful specimens at the farmer’s market.  I went to the Beverly Hills one this past weekend because there was a Piesta going on.  I mean really?  I’m so THERE.   Except I was totally moving slow and I didnt get there until the very very end.   So I […]

Farmer’s Market

I love, love, love going to farmer’s markets.  Especially in the summer when they are so abundant.  I am so lucky I live in Southern California where we have great fresh fruits and vegetables almost year round.  Grapes were there for the first time this year.   These are seedless.

Budda’s Hand

Open hand. Got it from the BH farmer’s market today. Very fragrant. Wonder what I can make with it?