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Dark Archies

Dave put together some of his Dark Archies recordings to give as a gift to Jack Gordon for Christmas. It came out so great he might put it out for reals. I took this picture of Dave at a recording session at Santa Monica Sound back in the day. Lots of photoshopping got it to […]

Happy Holidays from Fox Music Publishing

first time with green screen and after effects..

Dave Merenda: Nine Nights

Ahh, finally finished the artwork, layout, etc for Dave’s new jazz cd, Nine Nights. I wanted to make the letters real big so you’d be able to read it when it’s a tiny iTunes icon. I took a page from Saturday Night Live’s open but tried to add more dimension.

Chocolate Seastorm

Dave, Alanna and I had a band.  Dave on guitar and bg vocals, Alanna on bass, trombone and vocals and me on drums.  We met at a pumkin carving party and played some gigs.   Even better, we recorded a ton of songs and put out  3 albums!   Get them on iTunes.


First attempt. Done in Flash. This took forever!

Unhitched video

I volunteered to make a video of the theme for the Fox TV show Unhitched for the network. The theme is called “Hey” by the band Gillmor. This project was really fun to do but challenging to try & synch up the pre-recorded song with the live shots of the band. Also had to watch […]

It’s Pop It’s Art

I visited the folks at EMI Music Publishing in London last month. They had commissioned artists to create art from song lyrics and sell them at It’s Pop It’s Art. There’s lot’s of great songs they did this to – Rolling Stones “Miss You”, John Lennon’s “Imagine” but I really loved the Marvin Gaye “What’s […]

Klover Records

We have a record label with several releases.  Here are the past six!   More here. young hearts /commuter on iTunes nine nights /dave merenda on iTunes pan pacifica /dave merenda on iTunes float /chocolate seastorm on iTunes swim /chocolate seastorm on iTunes dive in /chocolate seastorm on iTunes