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Rebecca Take 2

I bought myself photo retouching lessons for Christmas.  I know Photoshop and I can retouch photos but I taught myself and wasnt sure if I could do better.  Well, I knew I could do better.   I wasn’t looking for lessons but I found them. I love reality TV and junk food TV and TV in […]

Marissa M.

I have been mourning the loss of the Mann National movie theater since they bulldozed it in 2007.  It opened in 1970 as an iconic symbol of 70’s modernism and large screen goodness.  The lot on the corner of Lindbrook and Gayley has been vacant since the theater was torn down.   I walk by the […]

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!

Last October I was honored to be asked to be the official photographer for Amber and Sean’s wedding. Of course, I had at that time only really shot FOOD but that didn’t seem to phase anyone! Amber and Sean were great subjects as were the entire wedding party and everyone who attended! The location was […]

Happy New Year from Didi

This is my super sweet little bird named Didi. I attempted my version of the 2009 Grammy Posters. Fun Photoshop sillyness.


Dave has a bunch of recordings from his old band Commuter in the late 80’s. At that time he had a song “Young Hearts” in the movie Karate Kid. We’re going to put them up on iTunes. We dont have much to go on as far as artwork – just 2 photos. So here are […]

Seastorm Ideas

The one’s that didn’t make it…. Original “float” idea – looks just like Alanna’s arm…. mock up using art from iStock…love this Alanna’s photo of a dog in Thailand Alanna’s photo reflecting her face in fall leaves…very cool shot. Alanna’s photo of a boat in the ocean in Thailand…really nice picture

Dark Archies

Dave put together some of his Dark Archies recordings to give as a gift to Jack Gordon for Christmas. It came out so great he might put it out for reals. I took this picture of Dave at a recording session at Santa Monica Sound back in the day. Lots of photoshopping got it to […]

Happy Holidays!

Sweet Didi made the cover of the holiday card again…she’s so photogenic!

Dave Merenda: Nine Nights

Ahh, finally finished the artwork, layout, etc for Dave’s new jazz cd, Nine Nights. I wanted to make the letters real big so you’d be able to read it when it’s a tiny iTunes icon. I took a page from Saturday Night Live’s open but tried to add more dimension.