2010 Gig Poster Calendar

I love having a calendar at work.  I look at it all the time to check days and dates, which is of course what a calendar is for.   Every year for many many years I have had a music related calendar since I work in the music business.  So it fits into the vibe of my job and the decor of my office.  The last 2 years I had a calendar that had a different gig poster for each month.  I love gig posters (or show posters).  The artists have full creative freedom to do anything as long as the show info is included somewhere.
So at the end of 2009 I started searching for my 2010 calendar.  Stores, online, etsy, amazon, everywhere.  No calendar.  Really?  Why would you not want to have one of these available for people?  Are iphones, blackberrys and computers putting paper calendars out of business?   Gha!

So now my dilemma.  What kind of calendar do I get?  I hate all of the one’s I’ve seen – at least not at work to look at 8 hours a day (or 9 or 10).  So I am going to make my own.

I went to Poster Cabaret and purchased 12 of my favorite posters. Poster Cabaret sells original silk screened gig posters from tons of different artists. It’s a great site and the posters are all awesome.
Yes, this will be an expensive calendar but I think it’s worth it.   Not sure exactly how I’m going to do it but if it comes out even half as good as I want it will be worth it.   Here are some of my picks.



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  1. Lad says:

    thanks for posting about poster cabaret. and thanks for trusting us with your calendar.

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