Whoopie Pies are Gross

I love to bake (well, duh), and I love to make something sweet for my coworkers on their birthday. For Kristina’s birthday I was all set on doing individual lemon meringue tarts. After I saw a photo of a Whoopie Pie I decided that I would make those. They looked so good and are kind of perfect for a group as everyone can get their own.

So today I tested a standard whoopie pie recipe with the marshmallow filling. The actual cakes are fine, a little dry (probably over cooked) but taste like cake. The filling was totally gross. Especially when tasted by itself. When I ate the Whoopie Pie with the filling it was better, edible, but I couldn’t serve it to my coworkers. That said, I froze the cakes and may make a ganache filling in a few days..we’ll see.

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