Tilt Shift

Tee hee.  Every year at work I do a holiday e-card.  Last year, Janet and I did a pet photoshoot roadtrip and I put together pet headshots along with hidden video set to music from “Fantastic Mr. Fox”.  The year before, I set up a green screen in my office and convinced Fox’s grip department to set up like a million watts of light in my office.    The prior years were all variations on fading images with each persons name underneath.   Lots of work but it’s totally fun because I get to learn something new and challenge myself.  Which I love.

So THIS year I’ve got to keep pushing myself and make a totally rad card.  So me and Janet and Emily are in the pre-production phase of this years card.  Let just say there will be headsets, clipboards and a lot of paint.     First day test shot with new 5D Mk2 below.

Janet and Emily Tilt Shifting

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  1. […] work and more complex.  You can see some old one’s here:  2008 and 2009.  As I mentioned in this post, this year we did a tilt shift video and added in a stadium card trick.  It was a lot of […]

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