Holiday Happiness

Janet and Haydee asked if I could do a family holiday shoot for each of them.  They are both married and have kids. Really cute kids. So we met at Johnny Carson Park in Burbank where there were about 4 OTHER photo shoots going on at the same time! It’s a small park but there are a lot of little vignettes and locations that make it look big. The afternoon sun was strong but starting to fade. The best shots were the one’s with the sun illuminated behind the families. Of course the kids didn’t always comply with my instructions and the Moms were very concerned abou the behavior of their kids. Really, I like the kids as they are. Grumpy or upside down or just crazy. It’s a moment in time and sometimes the best pictures are the ones that are not “perfect” anynow. Here’s a sample of the day.

Landrum clan.  

Sand Swallower

Yeah he ate it in the sand and literally ate sand.  Doesn’t feel good in the tummy!

Garcia clan.

Isaac finally smiling!

Sweet tree at the park with the wide angle.

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