My Kelly Moore Bag

I have a great travel bag for all of my lenses and my camera. It’s a Canon bag that I got at Bel-Air Camera. It’s great but not really practical for on the run. I mean, it’s a big boxy bag. So I started using my old Paul Frank Industries carry on bag which is kind of like a laptop bag. I love it and have used it on many many trips. I don’t use it anymore for my carry on as now I have a rad Roxy bag I got from Val Surf (thanks Janet). So I had been putting my camera in the Paul Frank bag and it worked really well…or so I thought. A couple of weeks after I got my new 5D MkII I had it in the bag along with an extra battery. Well my dang battery made a little scratch on my screen! Boo! Really? How dumb was that to put a loose battery in a bag with a camera. Really dumb.
So I had to figure something out and get a decent bag that would protect my camera and lenses. It had to be portable and look good. I researched a lot of bags. There’s quite a few out there and few “ladies bags”.
I chose the Kelly Moore B-Hobo bag in Almost Black. It just seemed to be the right size for me. I didn’t want anything too big but it had to hold my camera and two lenses. Plus it had purple lining! So I bought it.
I was so excited the day my bag arrived. It came in a big beautiful white box with Kelley Moore’s name on the side. Inside the box was a really high quality beautifully made bag. I love it and love using it. I often use it as a purse/bag too. I can put my wallet, keys and sunglasses in one side, a lens on the other and a camera with a lens on it in the middle. Plus there’s little pockets on both sides and a place to hang my phone.
Thanks Kelly Moore for making such a great bag!

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