Fun and Pretty

Went to NAMM on Friday for work.   We get passes from Hal Leonard and it’s always fun to walk the halls in Anaheim for the annual NAMM show.  I went down with Janet, Emily and Kristina.   Janet is a NAMM vet (no, not a Veteran of Vietnam).  She actually goes and knows people.   We are both camera buffs and shot everything in site.  Kristina is a super star but she doesn’t know it.  A talented musician, she can play more instruments than she admits.  Emily is a superstar of a different type.  Fun, snarky and funny.   We played paps to Emily while she tried out all the instruments.  People thought she was a celeb.  It’s was funny.

Went to Venice today and had the best coffee ever.  A Gibraltar from Intelligentsia.  OMG.  Small but mighty.  Not too much milk, which is how I like it.

Pretty pictures for you. Fun pictures for me.

Banjo Ukes


Bass Drum

Bedazzled Guitars


Gen 16 Cymbal

Emily Drumming

Brady Drums

Gibraltar @ Intelligentsia

Rainbow Blue

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