Happy Birthday Sweetness

Didi is 7 today!   She seems 3.   Still wants to play and run and jump and do all the cat things that cats like.   Didi loves interactive play.  Meaning she likes to play WITH you, not by herself.   Although she does run around like crazy at least once a day.   But when she wants you to play with her she’ll come up and try to use your legs as a scratching post or go bang on the closet door where her toys are kept.   She’s not vocal and in fact didnt really meow until she was like 3 years old.  Now it’s a rare occurance but she will talk.

When Didi plays she never scratches (except on your pants like a scratching post) but likes to use her mouth – biting.  More like gnawing.  But the claws don’t come out.  Soft paws.

I got her a couple of toys for her birthday.  She always knows when something is for her right away.  She loves her wave scratcher thingy.  Didnt know what to make of the robot laser pointer and super loved the little mouse on a string.  

I love my little Didi bird and wish I could take her to work with me everyday.  But alas, cats don’t really travel well and like to stay in their territory.  So, to honor Didi at work, I got all the stuff to make FlufferNutters.  But good ones.  Real Fluff from the East Coast, with your choice of peanut butter, Nutella or chocolate peanut butter, bananas (natch) and La Brea Bakery chocolate cherry bread.   All of this will go into a panini press.

Didi Peek

Didi's new furniture

Marshmallow fluff

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