Pinky Blue

I knew Janet was having twins 2 months ago.  I guess she felt she had to tell someone so she told me because I’m her boss and she would be having a lot of doctors appointments.   Of course I was about to burst with the news but I did not tell anyone.   That’s the way I roll.  If soneone says “don’t tell anyone”,  I won’t.   So when Janet was ready to announce the gender of her baby I think Emily said I should incorporate cake pops into the announcement.  With Janet’s blessing we figured I’d make pink (strawberry) if it was a girl and blue (blueberry) if it was a boy.   Well, I knew that I had to make both!   This was going to be SO FUN!

So I made white cake and put stawberry puree in half and blueberry puree int the other half.  Then I coated everything in thick white chocolate coating.  I had to make it thick because you could kinda see through.   So awesome!

The next day I brought in the pops.   We gathered around 3:30.  Everyone made their prediction.  “Boy”, “girl”,  “strawberry”!    On the count of 3, “One, Twooo, Three” everyone bit into their pop.   “It’s a girl, I knew it”!   “A girl!”  Then Leanna said, “oh, mine’s blue…” kind of disappointed.   Hilarious!    Then everyone looked at Janet….”you’re all right, it’s both”.     Whaaaaaatttt!   Whooo hoo!  Crazy crazy crazy.   So much fun.



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