Not So Sweet

Janet can’t eat sugar or carbs because it makes her blood sugar go up.  So today is her birthday and she can’t have any sweet!   As is the tradition in our department you get stuffed with food on your birthday.  That’s just the way we roll.   9am is breakfast, normally bagels or some other wheat based treat (muffins, sweet rolls, etc).   Then there’s lunch at the restaurant of your choice where we all chip in and pay.  Then around 3 3:30 there’s the sweet treat.  I love baking so I am usually the one to bring in the sweet.   Last year, I made Janet a rainbow cake and Emily and coffee rainbow.

So this year Janet’s sweet treat was a challenge.  The breakfast treat was bagels for everyone else but fruit salad for Janet.  I pureed some super sweet strawberries I had put in the freezer from the farmer’s market with a little apple juice, then added raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and kiwi. SO good.

We had lunch at Palomino’s then it was back to work for the main event.   I actually put a lot of thought into the sweet treat.   How do you make something low carb and low sugar without using fake sugar?   Emily’s friend Ami had a great idea and I went with it.  Thank you Ami.

Fruit tart made with Whole Wheat Spelt pie shell.  The cream base was made with silken tofu, banana and agave syrup.  Then I sliced strawberry, banana and kiwi on top.  Yes, this was a good thing.   Yummy.

Fruit Tart

Here’s a couple of fun shots from work. They set these pods up for an event – they looked like igloos.

And Black Kitty is coming over more now!

Bio Domes

Emily Dome

Black Kitty

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