Karin hooked me up with a ticket to Terri.   She works the LA Film Festival every year and always offers to hook her friends up for screenings.  I’ve never taken her up on it until now.

I think I mentioned before that I’ve frequented the comedy improv theater Comedy Sportz (yeah, with a “Z’).  I’ve mostly seen the College Team, a bunch of college aged kids who are totally awesome and funny.   They are on par with the Pros who are super funny too.   Improvisation takes a quick wit, openess and a general history of the world and popular culture.

So it was a surprise to me to hear that one of the kids was starring in a movie with John C. Reilly.  The movie is Terri and the kid is Jacob Wysocki. It’s an indie film directed by Azazel Jacobs
and explores a group of high school kids and adults who don’t fit in.   The main character, Terri, is played very subtly by Jacob.  His guidance counselor/principal is John C. Reilly.  The film is melancholy, quiet, funny, sad and real.   I really liked it and it was nice to see a funny man (Jacob) find his place in a dramatic role.   Way to go!
Comedy Sportz LA

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