A few months back I downloaded my first MacBook app from the App Store.  I didn’t even know I could do that but one day I found a new icon on my dock that said “App Store” and lo and behold I could now buy more software for my computer!   Very convenient.

I don’t know what drew my to purchase Posterino.  Maybe the name.  I like posters.   I also like photography.  Posterino makes collages and has layout templates for photos.   Very cool and simple.  But I actually didn’t use it for months.  I guess I got busy with some of my other projects –  a long list of other projects.

Anyhoo, I used it today and loved it.   I think I could use this for something.  Maybe print out a collage of photos for a client, friends or family.   We’ll see.  This is my first attempt and took me less than 5 mintues to learn and make.   More to come.
Didi Posterino

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