Kindle Kindle Kindle!

I finally got my book Sweet Things on Amazon Kindle!  Dang, it was easier than I thought but it took a while to get there.  So in June I put my book on iPad as discussed here.  In September it was featured in the cooking section!  It took a long time to figure out how to create a fixed-layout epub format book.  Months, weeks, days and hours.   But it was a learning process and you know how I love that.

I initially layed out my iPad version of Sweet Things in Adobe inDesign then exported it as an epub.  I unzipped the epub file and added the fixed-layout code to each page and re-formatted everything while testing on my iPad.

So it was always my plan to  convert my epub to mobi or whatever file format the Kindle takes.   I was stalled.  I couldnt figure it out.  So what I ended up doing was taking my inDesign file and just changed the format of the pages and images from square (my epub ipad book) to rectangle (600 x 800) for Kindle.   I exported it to PDF then imported using Mobipocket Creator.

Once in Mobipocket Creator I filled in the metadata, added my cover image and then built my book (my hitting the “build” button).   I then used my favorite learning method – trial and error – and tested my book on a Kindle (the cheap one).   I put in pagebreaks, used h1, h2, h3 for my table of contents tags and built it again.  With just a few more tweaks I was done!

I uploaded the file to Amazon last night and it’s in the store now!!


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