I have no real business at the NAMM Show but I go almost every year.   Our print publisher Hal Leonard gets passes for us.   NAMM stands for the National Association of Music Merchants and it puts on a merchandise convention every year in Anaheim.  It’s wild.   The Anaheim Convention Center is huge and every square inch is filled with musical instruments of every kind, size, shape and color along with all the acoutrement that goes with being a musician, dj, singer, songwriter, producer, etc.  There’s buildings dedicated to lighting and live shows, floors dedicated to electronic keyboards, midi controllers, recording software and thingamijigs that you thought you would never need but hey, that’s pretty cool!   There are hugh booths filled with guitars and other hugh booths filled with drums and OTHER huge booths filled with brass instruments.

All of this is a lot but then there are the PEOPLE.   NAMM show is filled with stars, wanna beees, has beens and never wills.   It’s great people watching.  There are the stars with the endorsements who have to come for their appearances or mini performances.   People line up around the block (or booths) to get a moment with their favorite guitar god hawking the newest verson of their flying V acoustic.

It’s fun to watch the people and fun to actually play with the instruments and software and thingys.   I love the booths and the crazy noise level.    For about 2 hours.   Then I’m done and out.

Blue Mic


If Only I Had Sticks



Ludwig Clear

Giant Drum Set


Vintage Vibe


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