Sweet Things (Enhanced)

Shortly after Sweet Things was published in the iBookstore I decided to make an enhanced version and add video.   I was inspired by my camera,  the Canon 5D Mark II, since it makes beautiful videos.

Of course I had to make the plain old Kindle version first.   Once that was tackled I started working on the videos.

My first one was for my granola recipe called Tiger Chow.    I set up the camera above my head on a tripod extender and pointed it down.  I didn’t realize until after I finished editing that I did not need to do the entire thing in one take – which I had done….

I kept making videos until I had nine.   After the first nine I tackled the challenge of adding the videos to my existing book.    Thanks to Ms. Liz Castro over at Pigs Gourds and Wikis for putting such great learning tools out there.   She really knows what she’s talking about and I couldn’t have done any of my books without her ebooks.

After all was done it really wasn’t hard to put the videos in the book.   I wish I could do a video for every single recipe but I just cant.  I have a full time career job and other fun projects to do.

Maybe the next book.   I the meantime please enjoy the enhanced version of Sweet Things in the iTunes store now!

Here’s one of my favorite things to eat:




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