I was at a party last week and there were like 20 adults and two tiny kids.   Jack and Amelia are the 2 kids.  They’re twins.  Not identical (duh).   I think they’re like 2 years old and are very active but not vocal.   They do talk to themselves however.   They’re pretty good kids.  Tiny meltdowns here and there but nothing crazy – at least I’ve never seen it.      Kids are fun to shoot because they’re so expressive.   As usual I wish I were better but I think these shots came out ok.

I wish I were better at a lot of stuff.   Baking, cooking, cleaning, working, photography, memorizing, etc, etc, etc.  I guess I can just hope I continue to improve and strive to do the best I can when I’m attempting all of these interests and passions I have.   At least I have them, right?  I can’t imagine not having anything to motivate my creativity and longing to improve.   At least I can tap into it.  During my darkest hours the spark left me – so I know how it feels to be down and not wanting to “do”.   After my Mom died and during and after my Dad dying were the two dark periods.   Especially the trauma surrounding my Dad’s passing.  I’m still not over it but I can at least now do stuff and feel excited about all that life is and has to give.  Normally I am motivated and I feel there’s not enough hours in the day sometimes.  Most of the time.   I wish I could do more!

Here’s a few shots of these cutie pie kidz.





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