Swimming With Sharks

There’s a really nice coffee shop on La Brea called Graffiti Sublime Coffee. It’s in the old City restaurant space. You know, the one by the Mary Sue Milikien and Susan Feniger?   No?   Well it was a long time ago.

Anyhoo, Graffiti is a huge white space with great coffee and sweets.  The space itself is bright white and everything in it is either black or white.  The only color is from the few large hanging art on the walls.  Beautiful pastels of faces.   I didn’t get a chance to see who the artist was as the place was closing.   I saw by the large raised fireplace in the faux black Mies Van Der Rohe sofa.    The white pumpkins sitting against the white fireplace were a nice touch.

As I was sitting there with my green tea being lulled by the pumped in electronica there was a shark flying around.    Santa, I want one of these for christmas – along with a huge white space to fly it around in.


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