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Broccoli Sub

Yep broccoli.   It’s soooo good.   I heard about it on Cooking channel.  They did a show on great sandwiches and went to No. 7 Sub in NYC.  A hipster dufusy place at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan.    SO when I went to NYC last month for a couple of days and had to go there. The place […]

New York, New York

Went to NYC last week. Luckily I missed all the hot weather. It was actually perfect outside. Like room temperature. I went for work but had a little fun in between. I stayed at The Benjamin which was awesome and even more so because they upgraded me to a suite!   Sweet!  The hotel is at […]

Is this good or bad?

ok, NYC used to have the best pizza on earth. I was actually looking forward to going there in 2 weeks. But with this news I’m not so sure there’s anything to go to NY for anymore, foodwise.Una Pizza Napoletana is CLOSED. Unbelievable. It was the leader of the pack in NY’s Neopolitan pizza influx. […]