Hollywood Bowl

I was really lucky and honored to be a part of The Big Picture: The Films of Twentieth Century Fox at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday night. It’s a project I had been working on for months – helping to pick films and music to be featured in the show and shepharding the project through. David Newman conducted the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and was so focused and intense. I got to witness the rehearsals both at the Eastwood scoring stage at Warner Bros and at the Bowl itself on Sunday morning. What a thrill it was walking onto the stage at the bowl at 10 in the morning! I only wish I was able to take my camera and get pictures. Next time I have to get a press pass or something – it’s just such a lovely, iconic venue. I didn’t realize how nervous I was about the show until after it was over. I guess that’s how things work sometimes…you keep it all in then let go once it’s OK to do so.

David Newman Conducting

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  1. leenos says:

    Wow. Great shots. ;o)

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