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Video: Comin’ In Hot

I made a music video.  Not my first one.   I’ve done the Fox Music holiday videos, one for my friend Paula’s band Lonnie Starlet and one for Eleanor Dubinsky for a song Dave wrote called “Love Is”.   The Fox videos are getting to be bigger and bigger productions every year and they are a lot of […]

Happy Holidays from Fox Music 2012

This is the latest ecard for work.   The pressure to top myself every year gets greater every year.   I though of this concept two years ago but didn’t do it last year. For this card I had tried a Merlin Steadicam.   I bought it on Ebay and did a lot of practicing. […]

Fast Company Recommender!

In April I went to Boston for the Rethink Music Conference.   It was great.  The conference was smallish but effective.  When I got back I was contacted by Fast Company magazine to see if I would participate in their The Recommender column.   Um, yeah of course!   I can recommend stuff!   Plus it’s a great magazine.   […]

Video: Lonnie Starlet “D S G”

I made another music video.   This is my second one.  My first one was pretty much a spur of the moment thing – at least the shooting of it was.   This time I actually planned it and we had two shooting sessions.   The whole thing is such a big challenge for me.  I really like […]

Photo Weekend

I took a lot of pictures this weekend!   Yay and finally.   First I went on the Venice Garden Tour.   It’s a looky-loo paradise benefitting the Neighboroood Youth Association Las Douridas Childrens Center.   So it’s a great charity.   Second, I got to shoot film composer David Newman conducting the American Youth Symphony.    So awesome! Start with […]

Annual Trip

Still recovering from my annual trip to Cannes, France and London.   So happy I did not get sick this time (like last year) but I was definitely on the edge of getting something. The trip started out on a bad note when while standing in line for security at LAX, I realized I forgot my […]


I have no real business at the NAMM Show but I go almost every year.   Our print publisher Hal Leonard gets passes for us.   NAMM stands for the National Association of Music Merchants and it puts on a merchandise convention every year in Anaheim.  It’s wild.   The Anaheim Convention Center is huge and every square […]

Happy Holidays from Fox Music 2011!

So, as I’ve posted here and here and here before I pretty much took it upon myself to create an e-card for the music department every year.  Last years was really cool.  I rented a tilt shift lens and Emily painted posters to create a stadium card trick.  It came out really nice and everyone […]


Oh man have I been busy.  Seems like months, days, weeks, hours and minutes.  Busy busy, work, busy.   Hopefully it will start to wane after mid-November.  What the…. Mid November?!   Jeez.   It’s cool though.  I am not complaining,  I am just stating a fact.   I like being busy and I like my job so it’s […]

LAUSD Magnet

As I posted here, I’ve been involved in the Fox/Hamilton Music Mentoring program since the begining.   Many years.  The school were the mentees come from, Hamilton High School, is a LAUSD Magnet school for both humanities and music.  Our kids come from the music academy.   They are aweseome kids.  Motivated, talented and open.  They come […]


I’ve been involved with the Fox/Hamilton Mentoring program since the beginning. I think it’s been like 10 years. We started out with a one on one mentoring and I had the pleasure of partnering with Katie Thiroux. Katie is an aweseome bass player and singer and she has blossomed into a lovely young woman. Every […]

ASCAP Board Elections 2011

I’ve been working in music publishing for 20 years and in film and TV for 18 of it. Yes, that is a long time. I’ve loved almost every second of it. :O) Music publishing for film and TV is a very specialized area and it takes someone who loves detail and minutiae to do it. […]

Copy, right?

I have been in the copyright business for 20 years.   I’ve made my living off of intellectual property.   It keeps me employed.  No, I’m not a musician (believe me, I don’t make any money off of my drum playing)  but I am a good paper pusher.   I’ve see a lot of changes in the business […]

Conducting Myself

Last year I was lucky enough to help produce the Fox night at the Hollywood Bowl which I mentioned here.  I took some photos of the rehearsal at Warner Bros. Eastwood scoring stage.  Well I am honored that David Newman asked to use two of my photos on his new website!    David Newman is part […]

Fun and Pretty

Went to NAMM on Friday for work.   We get passes from Hal Leonard and it’s always fun to walk the halls in Anaheim for the annual NAMM show.  I went down with Janet, Emily and Kristina.   Janet is a NAMM vet (no, not a Veteran of Vietnam).  She actually goes and knows people.   We are […]

Hollywood Bowl

I was really lucky and honored to be a part of The Big Picture: The Films of Twentieth Century Fox at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday night. It’s a project I had been working on for months – helping to pick films and music to be featured in the show and shepharding the project through. […]

2010 Gig Poster Calendar

I love having a calendar at work.  I look at it all the time to check days and dates, which is of course what a calendar is for.   Every year for many many years I have had a music related calendar since I work in the music business.  So it fits into the vibe of […]

Fox Music Holiday Card 2009

This eCard is the result of weeks of prep work, photo shoots, chasing cats and dogs (even a pig and a goat). This pushed my ageing computer to it’s limit but it was worth it.

Dave Merenda & Commuter: Young Hearts

Finally on iTunes! Check it out!


Dave has a bunch of recordings from his old band Commuter in the late 80’s. At that time he had a song “Young Hearts” in the movie Karate Kid. We’re going to put them up on iTunes. We dont have much to go on as far as artwork – just 2 photos. So here are […]

Chocolate Seastorm: Float

The second of our double release. Loungy, bossa, samba, jazzy fun stuff. The cover is Alanna’s legs from a trip she took. Beautiful…

Chocolate Seastorm: Swim

Well we finally got it done. We got all of our old recordings together and put them out on two releases. Swim is the more uptempo and rock stuff. Float is the smooth, loungy, bossa stuff.The cover of Swim uses a photo I took in Calestoga, CA at the Indian Springs hot mineral pool.Now on […]

Seastorm Ideas

The one’s that didn’t make it…. Original “float” idea – looks just like Alanna’s arm…. mock up using art from iStock…love this Alanna’s photo of a dog in Thailand Alanna’s photo reflecting her face in fall leaves…very cool shot. Alanna’s photo of a boat in the ocean in Thailand…really nice picture