Hello October.

I am so glad September is over.  I’ll be happy when 2010 is over with too.  Not that I want time to pass quicker than it already is.  It’s just been a tough one this year.      Lots of pain, loss, sorrow, anger, resentment and emotions.   Lots of emotions.   I have never sobbed as hard as I have this year.   �
Today was Emily’s birthday.  She really loves to celebrate and I love to bake so I made her a modified version of my rainbow cake.  I wanted to do a cake with gradients of the same color.  I chose brown for Emily’s since I wanted to flavor the cake with coffee.  I call this my Cafe Latte Coffee Rainbow Cake.    Happy Birthday Emily and welcome October!

Cafe Latte Coffee Rainbow Cake

Cafe Latte Coffee Rainbow Cake

Emily's Cafe Latte Coffee Rainbow Cake

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