Bohemian Grove

Had a nice long weekend in No Cal.   Monte Rio to be exact.  The place where the Bohemian Club meet.   Of course I would never be invited – being a woman and all.  I don’t blame them for choosing this place to meet.  It was breathtaking.

To start from the beginning, Mary asked if I wanted to join her in an Oslo American School (OAS) reunion in a town called Monte Rio 2 hours north of San Francisco.  Of course I said yes immediately seeing that I love the Bay Area.   I really didnt know what to expect as far as the reunion and the activities.  I didnt have any details.  I just knew I probably wouldnt know anyone there.

The flight on AA was delayed of course so poor Mary had to wait at the airport for two extra hours.  Once we got our car we drove into the city so I could take a look at the Mission Bicycle Company.   I’ve been looking a their bikes online and wanted to see them in person.  Luckily I found out their bikes are only for city driving and would not work for my fantasy AIDS Ride trip from San Francisco to LA next year.    We then ate at a cafe next door that was truly fantastic.  They grilled romaine!  OMG…so good.   Then some coffee and goodies at Four Barrel down the street.   A great way to start a trip.

Driving up across the Golden Gate was beautiful and we reached the Bohemian Highway in no time flat.  The countryside was picturesque – lots of cows, sheep and horses.  It did not look like we had just left the city 30 minutes earlier.   We finally got to Monte Rio and checked out our awesome room at the Highland Dell.  Third floor, large bathroom and a deck overlooking the river.  We couldn’t ask for better!  The proprietor seemed very gruff on the phone but he and his wife were both really nice and helpful.    The hotel was spotless and tighly run.    Highly reccommended.

Finally met the OASers.  There were about 25-30 of them.  I did actually know a couple because they went to LCHS with me.  Either way, they welcomed me with open arms and I was a proxy OASer in about 1 minute.  I met them at Chris’ weekend home which was a beautiful retreat right on the Russian River.   One day Chris took groups of us out on the river in kayaks.   First time for me and it was really fun!

Mary and I also discovered a great bakery in Duncans Mills called Gold Coast Coffee & Bakery.   The baked goods, coffee and pizza were super fresh (they kept bringing new items out while we were there) so we went there all 3 mornings!

Finally, one of the highlights was a quick trip to the Pacific just below Jenner.  Too bad it was so windy it blew my sunglasses right off my face!  But it was SO beautiful!

Mission Bike Company

Roasted Romaine!


Highland Dell Hotel

Russian River View

Monte Rio

Gold Coast Bakery Goodies

Gold Coast Breakfast

California Coast


Kayak on Russian River

Redwood Tilt Shift

Highland Dell Hotel

Welcome to Monte Rio

San Francisco

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